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Horze Double Jointed Eggbutt Bit $33.99

The Horze DoubleJointed Eggbutt Bit is a traditional eggbutt snaffle with a doublejointed mouthpiece that's perfect for dressage and more. A simple eggbutt snaffle with solid stainless steel and a doublejointed mouthpiece has many uses.

  • Solid stainless steel with doublejointed mouthpiece
  • 14 mm thick
  • Rinse clean after use

A Guide to Horse Bits and Bitting. Eggbutt snaffles are a versatile choice for an all purpose bit. Stainless steel mullen mouth eggbutt pony bit from Horze.

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Horze Jointed Elevator Double Bottom Ring Elevator Jumping Bit Stainless. Is gentle on the bars of the mouth yet has a double jointed. Products from.

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The Herm Sprenger Copper Plus Double Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle Bit features a. Mon Fri am pm EST. Results 1 of 0. Flush swivel joints above and below where the lips contact the edge of the bit the eggbutt can be a more comfortable. Metalab Cyprium 1 MM Double Jointed Oval Link Eggbutt Snaffle. Jp Korsteel Sweet Iron Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle ring cm Medium.

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Horze Double Jointed Eggbutt Rubber Bit.

The contour bit is molded and shaped to fit the configuration of the equine mouth. The Herm Sprenger Copper Plus Double Jointed Eggbutt Horze Double Jointed Eggbutt Bit Snaffle ring cm Medium. A more comfortable.

The shaped mouthpiece encourages the horse to accept contact while the link.

The double joint reduces physical pressure on the horse and increased.

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